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sunass.jpg (9k) Unassisted (Triptych)

December 1994 - Oil /acrylic on gesso on hemp burlap - 33.5 by 48 inches


Panel A: The Limits of Favor
This flower I give you
I give you expecting,
Expecting fire in my hearth.
My hearth occupied,
Occupied by this flower.

Panel B: Sundown Sunday
Cannot shake the sun with
Granny's smack in the air.
You're just your intention
To go find what
You once thought I was.

Panel C: Fear of the Roses
I could drown in the roses
And be ripped by the icecream
And freeze in the bathtub
For want of soft petals
For want of sweet nectar
For want of warm springtime;
For want of chains,
When I can picture the best
Never minding the rest
Only being alone.

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