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Punk Rock Hate Mail

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Subject: F<U>C>K< Y<O>U< P<O>S<E>R<
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 97 21:00:33 PST
From: Your_name Last_name []

the clash is the shit. offspring sucks. people like you are the reason that all of the little faggot kids in my school look up to me instead of hate me because i'm a "cool" punk rocker. your the reason why society sucks so much. you're the reason why i contemplate suicide. your're the reason why nofx and all fat wreck chord bands are under such pressure to sell out. people like you should be shot. i hope you die a slow painfull death when i drop naipalm on your house. in conclusion i would like to say one thing on behalf of all the punks in the u.s. of oi.....FUCK YOU POSER!

Subject: fuckshitdamn
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 14:25:02 -0500
From: Curt [csm7@Lehigh.EDU]
Organization: Lehigh University

I'm at a freinds computer, so my e-mail is

First, the Ramones are the fuckin' shit.... they may not be my personal favorite, however, they are the DEFINITION of punk,they started it all. Green Day may have once been there, but they no longer are. If you like 'em, good fer you but they are a bunch of fucking sellouts. Hey I give em props they're rich.. but they traded thier punk status for money so fuck 'em.... I refuse to listen to em. So if yer gonna have a punk page at least realize that a lot of so called "punk" bands... are just fuckin sellouts

Editor's note: these guys have a website at

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 20:52:47 +0000
From: Jeff Bollier []
Organization: Beloit College
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0Gold (Macintosh; I; PPC)
Subject: Green Day Rules.

NOT! Green Day SUCKS! They are not musicians_well, they are and that is what is wrong with what they play. The whole idea of punk, good punk, is that you do not know how to play music at all. It is more of a way of venting frustrations and anger. It is not played by some angst-ridden morons like that dipshit Billy Bob or whatever his name is. Punk is no longer truly alive. It is dead. When shitty bands like Green Day went mainstream, punk as a music genre died, thanks mainly to people like you who took shitty bands like Green Day to be real punk, good punk. They are not. They suck dick. Listen to Joy Division or someone before them and you will hear good punk, real punk, not some piece of crap.


Subject: Piss off
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 19:53:01 +0000

I'm sure you get a lot of criticism...seeing how you have a punk rock page with a guy pissin'...anarchy signs zooming around... And you're sponsored by MTV...the Wall Street Journal...and Burger KIng???...You must be joking...If you are's not funny...


Subject: what the fuck!

Date:    1/16/1997 14:41


i thoght that u were punk . but u tern out to b nothing 

more thene a greenday loven butrockin fool.greenday nor 

offspreng are even close to punk rock!

Subject: punk

Date:    Sat, 04 Jan 1997 18:27:23 -0700

From:    Deborah Tezich


ok, i gotta little commant  about the green day and offspring thing.

your opinion is your opinion and i can't change it, but the thing is 

with green day and offspring, is that they are so young and all they 

want is money.  With Clash and Ramones, sure, they might be seen on MTV 

once in a while, but they have been around for so fucking long, it seems 

like they got nothing better to do then have a video seen on MTV.  Same 

with Bad Religion.  If you do like green day and offspring more then old 

school stuff, more power to you, but i disagree with new gerneration 

punk because it seems they are over powered by greed instead of trying 

to send a message to their listeners...


Subject: The gus

Date:    Thu, 12 Dec 1996 20:10:21 -0800

From:    "Adrian O'Neil" []


What in the hell are you doing putting out a punk rock page,  you must

be kidding with your sponsers there is no way in hell that Burger King,

MTV, or the Wall Street Journal would support a true punk site anyway so

quit your stupid name dropping I wouldnt doubt that your a corporate

asshole trying to cash in on a punk scene you have no idea about.

I've been a true fan of the Ramones for like ten years they are part of

the roots of punk rock so screw all of you that think differently.

I don't know about all of these wanabee punkers that are bashing Green

Day I doubt that if they were given the chance to make more money they

would turn it down really when was the last time you saw a Green Day

video I actually applaude them they made a large amount of money and

then they split that is a punk attitude right there so fuck all of you

fake asses out there and please dont put any thing on this page that

dosnt make any sense it is so annoying to see people who have no idea on

how to form a sentance on a public web page be punk go to school.

P.S. I like hip hop so fuck you all.

Subject: so you think the clash sucks

Date:    Wed, 11 Dec 1996 21:09:08 -0600



        See I wouldn't really know, because I only listen to public radio

when my parents turn it on, but once they had a special about the clash, and

they weren't all that good. my dad said they sounded like pussies, and that

even the pixies were more punk rock. they don't play the pixies on my WNPR

(the public radio station i listen to) so i don't really know.

        I did listen to the radio once at a friends house, and a song called

gelytine, or something like that came on, it was by a group called Busch (i

think). it was really noisy. my friend taught me to "slam dance" to it, and

said when you listen to it in concert you have to lift up the people next to

you, and the crowd passes them around. He said you have to at all

alternative concerts. he said that he was on top of the crowd in this manner

for over five minutes at an alanis morisette concert. 

        I heard on WNPR that punk rock is just a kind of alternative music,

so i guess you would be interested in an alanis morisette link right?

here is one i like:

ps. I do like you page. I have a web page, that is not very punk rock, or

alternative at i may get a guttermouth page up

there one of these days.

Subject:  Eat my ass!

Date:     Wed, 04 Dec 1996 17:10:17 -0500

From:     Jason Kucharski []



you are a fucking retard!  your page is the problem with the world

today.  you, mtv, booger king, and the wall street journal can lick my

balls.  all you guys are doing is supplying all the little boys and

girls out in mtv -land with some COOL info. now everbody is a punk!

                        eat my balls once again fucknut

Subject: Punk Rock
Date:    Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:43:18 -0800
From: (QuEeNBiTcH)

Hey.Fuck.Greenday!They.aren't.Punk.Rock.They.aren't.even.fucking close.  
Punk is about our underground scene. Do you Really think that 
any of us if we even wanted 2 would get Money to go to a greenday 
show!?! NO! If u do GOOD 4 U!They ditched the scene along time ago. 
Wall street Journol is just a bunch of stuck of people that know 
nothing about tha way we live or Punk Rock in tha first place. What if 
I had 2  fart Or Burp At one of there LUNCHES?Why Should I  wanna 
support them?Im gonna support my own zine so I can be Heard. Really 
come on WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY SHOW ON MTV! it certainly isnt punk. 
ALot Of people get wrapped up in Certain Rules or whatever bullshit 
they have for our scene. All those People Can Go watch there Richard 
Simmons Home Movies. Being opened minded has alot to do with it but it 
doesnt mean going out and supporting THA WALL STREET JOURNOL! Get a 
fucking clue and to a show besides NOFX and OFFSPRING. Go see Naked 
Agression Or listen to some Old Skool. Dude do Something you got too 
much time on your hands. You know i might not be so mad at GreenDay if 
they just called themselves Alternative.ANd BTW I like the fucking 
Ramones. Burger King has shitty food. im a Taco Bell Woman! Bean Paste 
4 me all the Way baby.

                                              Yours Truly,
                                              Your Worst Fucking FAn

Subject:           Idiot
Date:              Tue, 19 Nov 1996 05:14:43 -0800
From:              Loren Pettijohn
Organization:      Chessie WEB WorX

Man, you should take off your web page. I'm sorry but if you tell people 
to support MTV and the Wall Street Journal and talk about Punk in the 
same vein your a dolt!  Why don't you find out what the scene is really 
about, you obviously don't know half a shit about it. FUCK MTV AND FUCK