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Thursday, May 17 2001
Nothing too important happened in my workplace today except for two things. One of these, in my building at least, was the widespread packing up of our cubicles. Tomorrow everyone in the company will be consolidated into one building instead of three, and this means the evacuation of the building in which I am presently working. The other of these things was the widespread perusal of the dirty linen, gripes and pent-up vitriol being exposed and unleashed in a message board devoted to the subject of our company's ill fortune. Whenever I walked down the aisles of my floor I could see the non-colorsafe dark red background of FuckedCompany pages being read by fellow co-workers. Due to the anonymous nature of most of the posts, some of them were exceedingly vicious and personal. But there's a grain of truth in every rumor, so one couldn't help but laugh at some of the more outrageous things written. At one point I was discussing these posts with some of my colleagues (one of whom subsequently waded into the fray non-anonymously in defense of the company) and I joked, "It's in FuckedCompany, it has to be true!"

Matt Rogers sent me an article the other day about how rail could improve urban life in Wisconsin. But the best part of the article is the couple of paragraphs that gazed 30 years into the future based on current trends. Breakfast food is a bowl of sugar, workers get up at 4am and begin the four hour commute to work, making it back home again at 9pm. And though people are 40% more productive than today, their pay on average is slightly less.

(From Frank in the UK - I wondered what applications did this!)

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