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   missing out on a Brooklyn DMV experience
Friday, October 11 2002

I was anticipating this day with dread, because it was the day Gretchen and I would have to go to the dreaded Brooklyn Department of Motor Vehicles to get plates for her car and my truck. But even before I got out of bed this morning Gretchen was on the phone with the insurance lady. This was how she discovered that it was cheaper if she had both vehicles registered to the same person, in this case herself. This meant that only she would have to go the DMV. I was relieved, but it also seemed like a bigger karmic burden than it was prudent for me to bear. It seemed only fair to volunteer to come along with Gretchen to provide moral support in the face of what would surely be a kafkaesque experience. But she said she thought that would be silly. So I stayed behind. I was free to sleep in if I so desired.
But then only an hour or so after she'd left, Gretchen returned. Somehow she'd managed to accomplish everything she'd needed to in the half hour or so she'd been at the DMV. Perhaps the rain had played some roll in shortening the lines she stood in. I don't know, and I don't really want to know. Indeed, I'd rather not devote the braincells necessary for knowing. All I know, all I care about, is that Gretchen returned joyful and triumphant bearing two pairs of license plates. (Their numbers were consecutive.) I was so overjoyed that I installed the Honda plates despite the rain.

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