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   October 2002

01: firing the realtor - We start working on selling our brownstone coop ourselves.
02: punky yellow wood - Homies who hang out in the Vale of Cashmere.
03: Ultimate 42 - Also, I stuff credit card money in my bank account.
04: odd mental tics - Also, we take delivery of the Honda Civic.
05: stoop sale spider web - A little glitch in our open house.
06: clumpiness of potential buyers - A good day of a self-run real estate open house in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
07: temperature trends like the stock market - The advance of October chill.
08: Gretchen vs. Jon Stewart - We attend a taping of the Daily Show.
09: some peer to peer poison - I download a looping copy of a Red Hot Chili Peppers tune.
10: truck purchasing odyssey - Driving around suburban New York on a mission to get a pickup truck.
11: missing out on a Brooklyn DMV experience - Gretchen gets two sets of plates with relatively little bureaucratic hassle at the Brooklyn DMV.
12: greasy, sandy truck floor mats - I drive the Toyota truck back from Long Island.
13: varieties of real world Tetris and meta-Tetris - Juggling tasks and objects before the big move to Hurley.
14: convoy trouble - Various problems plague the first convoy of personal items hauled upstate from Brooklyn.
15: Hurley house closing - We close on the Hurley house and move in. Then I rip down a wall.
16: rainy day car inspection - I get Gretchen's Honda inspected at Tim's Garage in Kingston.
17: legacy of a cowboy electrician - I find some non-standard wiring in the Hurley house's walls.
18: when you pay people to take your trash - Hurley's dumpster takes trash if you pay them seven cents for each pound.
19: the intent of cloying wallpaper - It's such a curse and a liability, there must be a strong motivating force behind it.
20: covered in dust - White beneath a dusting of powdered wallpaper and crumbled gypsum.
21: enabling a Lotto addiction - One of the African guys helping paint is something of an Amazing Eight addict.
22: ugliness of the people, beauty of the landscape - After living in Park Slope for so long, it's a little unnerving to observe the lower average level of beauty amongst the people of Kingston.
23: would have liked to dump my trash on the Trillion Dollar Mile - A long arduous drive with Sally back to Brooklyn.
24: fishy lad in Newburgh - Driving back to Hurley with a heavy load of books.
25: living in a specific cat's territory - The bob-tailed black cat belonging to the house's former owners comes back.
26: Edna's Office - The cats come to the house in Hurley.
27: toilet and ear wax - The same color and consitency.
28: soaking in errant water - Fighting leaks in a new sink installation.
29: another wall to demolish - I start ripping down a load bearing wall adjacent to the stairway.
30: poisoned into a vague pink - While fixing the living room paint job, we encounter even more troubles.
31: cardboard fire - Powertool balloon framing, Crazy Dennis, and cardboard fires in Hurley, NY.