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   uncheese dinner with a Whopper eater
Monday, February 6 2006
Gretchen would be returning this afternoon from Maryland with Dina and Gilad but Gretchen hadn't had a chance to clean the house at all before she'd left. By this point in the weekend the house was a complete mess, with dishes stacked up in the dishwasher and various quasi-realized boiler room installations spilling well out into the basement hallway. I undertook a massive cleaning jihad that found me taking a load of trash and recycling to the dump, vacuuming thousands of square feet of floor, scrubbing four toilets, cleaning up the kitchen, and consolidating three cat litter trays into one (remember, Lulu and Buster both had their own litter trays as recently as yesterday). It took me about four hours and I had only been finished for a half hour or so when Gretchen and friends rolled up.
Much to the consternation of her friends in the animal rights movement, Gretchen is not a vegan. But recently she stumpled upon a tome called The Uncheese Cookbook, and suddenly I find my diet has taken a sharp turn towards the dairy-product-free. So it was for all of us tonight, since Gretchen did the cooking. Everybody seemed to be perfectly happy with the food, which was up to Gretchen's usual high standards. Still, you have to wonder if Gilad was really satisfied. Gretchen had had to suffer through watching him devour a Whopper while on the road today. For her part, Gretchen had eaten the new BK Veggie® Burger, a new product of which PETA and other animal rights terrorist organizations have been trying to generate a surge of sales.

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