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Monday, February 13 2006
Woodstock is an aptly-named village, since I usually stock up on firewood from the pile beside The Bear's dumpster whenever I go there. I was there today, and, as usual, I had a meeting at the radio station afterwords, brushing firewood schmootz off myself the whole time.
I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed by this radio station website project. The people I'm working with have seemingly no idea what is and is not possible on the web and no understanding of the complexities involved in making visual web phenomena happen. It's all magic to them and thus equally easy (or hard). I'm growing concerned that they're going to waste a lot of my time with trivial æsthetic concerns and keep me from completing the real work, the complex code necessary to tie my database to a front end.
This evening I was wading through a pre-built open source shopping cart system trying to integrate it to my backend and running into all sorts of problems. It had been built using an added and (for me) unnecessary level of complexity, a template engine with the unappealing and perhaps misleading name of "Smarty." The name reminded me of the Orwellian distortions intended by the name of the law passed in the autumn of 2001, the one allowing the Federal Government all sorts of new intrusive powers.

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