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   one with Bob Saget
Tuesday, February 21 2006
This afternoon Gretchen and I watched The Aristocrats, the documentary of "the dirtiest joke in show business." Gretchen and I do not shock easily, so the movie didn't cause the scandal it has no doubt caused in millions of good American homes. What was surprising to me was the level of participation the movie had. It was great to see so many famous comics willing to extemporize in the creation of the mostly disgusting imagery that could imagine. And who knew Bob Saget was actually, you know, funny! It's a crime how his talents have been wasted on America's Funniest Home Videos. By the way, I was very disappointed by Jon Stewart's performance. His attitude throughout his repeated appearances in the film was to hold himself at a distance from the joke. I know that's the sort of comedian he is, but all the other comics had been willing to jump in with both feet, so to speak.
For Gretchen and me, the happy lesson of The Aristocrats is that lots of comedians are actually as open-minded and as full of free-thought as we are. We go through our lives feeling like aliens as majorities get sanctimonious about children and God while we joke about farts and buckets of squirming fœtuses. It's actually pleasant to know that Bob Saget is, in some small way, one of us.

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