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   rivulets flowing with bone-chilling water
Wednesday, June 28 2006
Yesterday had been reasonably sunny and there'd been little if any rain. So I could perhaps be forgiven for assuming that the forty days and forty nights of watery Biblical justice were over. But no, just when I thought it was safe to leave the windows of my car rolled down here came another day of deluge. This morning I could tell things were amiss and not acting according to the usual laws of God because strong winds were blowing from the East. It wasn't as peculiar as if the sun had risen in the West, but it violated expectations nevertheless. There's also a severely bulldozer-damaged White Pine that I expect to fall over some day soon, and I'm hoping it does so when the winds blow from the west. Otherwise it will fall on the house.
Walking through the woods late this morning I noticed that a lot of the rivulets flowed with bone-chilling water. This clearly wasn't simple runoff, but was water coming out of the rocks. The pressure of all this fresh new rainwater percolating into the rock must be forcing out water that would normally be content to lurk beneath the surface.

After harvesting a bunch of top soil from the lowland forest at the bottom of Dug Hill Road, I spent most of the afternoon and evening working on a DHTML-based MySQL table-definition editing system. I already have most of it working perfectly.

I've been greatly enjoying a couple DVD compilations of Futurama episodes that have come via NetFlix (Gretchen made the queue more Gus-friendly before heading to the Adirondacks). All the episodes were non-stop laughfests, better even than the Simpsons, although the one episode where our heroes venture a distant planetary system to collect honey from enormous space bees isn't funny at all. Instead, it's a mind-blowing acid trip where we're teased with the difference between reality and dreams until the end, whereupon all is revealed in an unexpectedly-moving (though completely serious) ending.

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