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   August 2006

01: easy maze in which to go hyperspace - A visit to the Mohonk Mountain House atop the Shawangunk ridge.
02: interest in culinary matters - Eating at the Culinary Institute of America.
03: gutterpunks in Hurley - I drop them off a couple hitch hikers in Woodstock after picking them up near the Reservoir Inn.
04: at least in terms of karma - Programming instead of going to the opera.
05: purgatory of household materials - A use for old kitchen countertops in the garage.
06: homophobic Adonai - Gay people, a bazaar, and brunch in High Falls.
07: reconstruct an extinct ancestral music genre - review of L'ham de Foc.
08: DINO: Joementum - Also, I make a tiny drilling rig.
09: trans-generational significance of barns - Pieces of childhood barns as artifacts.
10: smoking drill - What happens when you bore through eight or more inches of solid concrete with a one and a half inch masonry bit.
11: something of a loft - Drains and shelves, oh my.
12: birdhouse CD rack - Also, working drains in the garage.
13: like gathering roadkill - Shakespeare in Woodstock and I am successfully phished.
14: emergency massages - Hanging drywall and pulling muscles.
15: like gathering roadkill - Successful massive downloads with BitTorrent.
16: a drywaller is like a beaver - Once the cries of inperfection in the finish have fallen beneath a certain tolerable threshold, the work is done.
17: postponed defecating until Monday - Jacob, Kate, and Wilke visit.
18: bulldozer of love - But can my cat inflict the touch of death?
19: that poor phillips head - Installing ceiling drywall in the shop.
20: every drywallable surface - Also, a review of the movie 'By Invitation Only'
21: neither noble nor inoffensive - Eleanor wanders High Falls while the issue of selling zoo animals to canned hunts is discussed.
22: shallow grave for drywall - Also, Ray tells me how to avoid flashing Indians while wearing a traditional Indian skirt.
23: across the mighty Hudson fjord - A review of 'Little Miss Sunshine'.
24: along with Darwinism itself - Liberals are doomed! The idiots will inherit the Earth!
25: a planet for those predisposed towards authoritarianism - Just one more reason John Gibson is a blathering fool.
26: if I was a bored teenager - I decide not to help out a guy who makes fancy aluminum doors.
27: hole in the wall at the Alamo - Good food, good conversation, and no I'm not a Scorpio.
28: drywall and the yard - Plants actually benefit from the calcium sulphate.
29: statistics as the indictment - A review of 'The Education of Shelby Knox'.
30: best of two virtuous - Watching the first game of the WNBA finals.
31: fumes from that construction glue - Returning to work on the laundry room rotten subfloor project.