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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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February - PHP Bard Staatsburg NY Book CA Golden Mosque Dome Rock Administration Isr Pine McMansion Linux North America China Gillette Javascript Bearsville Intel Flash

March - Maryland Whippersnapper Adams Morgan Conservapedia Hill Road SUV Ulster County Mac UV Stella Uptown Walk Dreaming Code Fusion This American Life Flash

April - Beatles Country Music British Chefs Fire Eleanor Winter Kurt Vonnegut VGA ALS Maurice Ravel Marie Antoinette Sarah Vowell Jim Jones Haterism Nader Rosendale Slayer RedState Pandora Princeton Grounds Sculpture New Jersey Manhattan

May - X Windows XP Hispanics Williamstown Burchfield MOCA Williams College Museum Art EAVE WOMEN ALONE Manhattan LCD Keegan Ales GTV

June - Jesus Camp Darger Hilton States Sunbeam Christian Model Information Value Inventor John Philadelphia Vicadin Sicko Squad FireDog Nerd Patrol Salvadoran

July - Phoebes Bay Magdalen Island DOM XML Xiaoyu IY Hairspray Theatre Caf Street Festival Hispanic Heineken Maps CD Bottle Rockets OM ACL

August - Glasgow Note Scotland Glen Coe Onich Fort William Norwegian Skye Portree Scottish Dunblane Edinburgh Parliament Pakistani River Clyde Middle Eastern So Married Axe Murderer Arm Sea Theater USB WiFi Compaq Evo MCA ThinkPad

September - Pit Bull Labradoodle Sisyphean Secret Spot Esopus Creek Toshibas Armadillo Mountain Inn The Yoshii Pile HP Americans AJAX Launch Civic Virginia Hudson Iraq

October - York State Chinese RIAA Blackwater Chestnuts Chestnut Bainbridge Lowes BMW Yorker Osama Laden MythBusters Anderson Cooper Republicans Albany S Queen Latifah UPAC Woodbourne Correctional Institution Upstate

November - TownOfHurley Penny David Marbletown OfHurley AlreadyPlural Singular English Pittsburgh Word God Bigtooth Aspen Dug Knocked Up Blake Scarry Indian Bergeron Explode CSV

December - Living Ed TML HTML QL Iraqi Pooper SQL Sounds MP3 BPI Wilbur IVs Eve Olive Bridge