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Wednesday, August 22 2007

Gretchen and I owe our neighbor Andrea big-time after she dogs at our two dogs for two weeks (that's four dog-weeks, or actually, in dog weeks it's more like 28). Before we left for Scotland I'd hooked up Andrea's portable air conditioner, which involved cutting a hole through her wall and adding an electical outlet. And yesterday I fixed an electrical problem in kitchen (a problem that proved to be more psychological than electrical). Today I took advantage of an end in the rainfall and, using scrap pressure-treated lumber, built Andrea a two-step staircase for her back door. Later went over to her house and installed it, using it to replace six concrete blocks that had served as a staircase for the past seventeen years. She was gone at the time so it just showed up as if delivered by the step fairy.
For some reason working on those steps exhausted me (perhaps I inhaled too much arsenic dust), so I went to take a nap and ended up sleeping for something like four hours.

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