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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Robot Dug Hill Road New Hampshire C Manor War Redneckistan Staunton Chinese Giuliani Hell SPCA Moth To Catch Predator Crohn Age Information Born Fourth UV Onteora Lake Small Town Gay Bar

February - Aliz YouTube South Park Hillary Clinton Salvadoran Saugerties NY Blazing Saddles Wire Superglue Honda Civic E Pupuseria

March - Yo Ma UPAC Stick Trail Bard College San Diego Lab Celexa Costa Rica

April - Isla Tortuga Rica Rican Carribean Chilean Hot Fuzz DVD Poison Ivy

May - Township York Ivy Rhinebeck Albany David Brooks DIY French MAPP

June - Kaaterskill Falls Sally S Real Girl

July - Arduino Snowjob Whole Thing Hancock Unseen America Coors Battery Man Mohonk Rosendale Ikea Fox Hispanics Scott Phoenicia Offices Roku

August - Farm Animal Sanctuary SUV Olympic Artists Soapbox Derby Rondout Editors McCain CD LCD Sawkill Esopus Scalias Obama Cain VP

September - Gustav Palin Microsoft Office Google California Big Sur Lobos Point Monterey CA Francisco Ray Lowes Vista Dell XP Home Depot Penny US Route Indigo Girls Presidential RI Is Sarah Dar Williams Redhook

October - Joe Biden Film Festival Prince Broadway Chicago Public Linux Turing Young Heart Century

November - MSG Wall Street Philadelphia Harlem Brooklyn Jersey Silver Spring Maryland

December - SB Mercury Rev Bearsville Jeopardy Theater Little Bear Be Kind Rewind Rhinecliff Eve Jameson Slumdog Millionaire