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   September 2008

01: foetal foetish - Hurricane Gustav eclipsed by Palin uteri.
02: never using Word - But still people look to me as some Microsoft Office expert because I know how to use Google.
03: mysterious car business model - Is someone out there buying cars, removing a few screws to resell, and then reselling the car itself?
04: staffed by ghosts - Beginning a trip to central coastal California.
05: Nepenthe at sunset - A day in Big Sur.
06: Point Lobos - We meet up with the wedding party in Point Lobos, south of Monterey, California.
07: lovely malignant lumps - Also a wedding in Monterey, CA.
08: crossing the Tenderloin - An afternoon in San Francisco.
09: mysterious car business model - Is someone out there buying cars, removing a few screws to resell, and then reselling the car itself?
10: not a renewable resource - McCain treats his reputation the same way he wants to treat the few pools of oil left beneath America.
11: Asian shoplifting syndicate - My friend Ray is watched suspiciously as he looks at knives in the local Lowes.
12: oak or ivy? - Why are my balls itching?
13: downward to daylight - I finally get the greenhouse drainage ditch deep enough and long enough to reach the downslope.
14: acorn hazard - Dining outside beneath an oak tree on a warm September evening.
15: bedrock plain - Unfortunately it isn't either solid or level.
16: fun with Vista - Forced to use Vista on a laptop for which Dell does not provide XP support.
17: all shale - The trench for the foundation walls of my greenhouse will sit entirely on bedrock.
18: big pipe purchase - Buying 100 feet of drainage pipe at Home Depot.
19: careful with that woodchipper, Felix - The guy running the woodchipper abstains from wine at David and Penny's house when I visit.
20: fleas and leaks - Trying to eradicate the former, I stumble into the latter.
21: space in my psyche - A non-leaking former leak clears room in my head for other crap.
22: freeness isn't free - I get my teeth cleaned and walk a mile along US Route 209.
23: trench in the shale - The bottom of my fifty foot drainage ditch is engraved in shale.
24: rapid percussive din - The Indigo Girls in Kingston NY.
25: lost mouse ball - Burying my sixty feet of drainage pipe.
26: McCain constrains his inner berserker - Watching the first debate of the 2008 Presidential election.
27: prescribe an MRI - Palinfreude: Is there a worm in Sarah Palin's brain? Also, a great couple seconds of women's basketball and filling my ditch in completely.
28: well-produced videos - Even unknown indie rock bands can have quality rock videos these days.
29: invisible hand is powerless - The stock market shits itself after the bailout package fails.
30: dead construction site - After an intimate Dar Williams show, we walk our dogs in a dead construction site in Redhook, NY.