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Wednesday, May 13 2009

At some point Gretchen and I drove over to Chefs on Fire in High Falls to have lupper with our friend and occasional colleague Jed. Gretchen seems to be engaged in a long-term plan to "convert" Jed to veganism. Normally I'm skeptical of — if not put off by — evangelism of any sort, even when the thing being evangelized makes sense (although I personally find the absolutism of strict veganism absurd). But for some reason I'm okay with evangelism as applied to Jed, who often seems to me like something of a blank slate (which is odd considering that, unlike Gretchen or me, he actually has a PhD). Whenever Gretchen is directing vegan propaganda at Jed regarding factory farms or the many evils of the dairy industry, I'm likely to chime in with supporting details, usually drawing from wherever my expertise is deeper than Gretchen's. Also in support of the points being made, I did what I could to order a vegan meal. Let me just say that Chefs on Fire make great pizza and sushi, but if you're trying to keep things strictly vegan you're going to be disappointed. I tried ordering a panini sandwich that would ordinarily have contained cheese and mayonnaise along with a slab of fried portobello mushroom. So I ordered it without the cheese or the mayonnaise and what I ended up getting was a little too much like what the average American thinks vegans eat at every meal: bready blandness surrounded by vegetable blandness, with entirely insufficient quantities of fat. It's been awhile since I willingly ordered something so utterly disappointing at a restaurant.

This evening during the American Idol result show, Gretchen and I continued to marvel at the Energizer Bunny survival skills of Kris, who has done nothing but annoy us with his shallow aw-shucks whiteboy charms. Kris had actually turned in a fairly good performance yesterday, but Gretchen was disappointed to see Kris survive and Danny go (though Danny appears to be a religious nut, he's from Milwaukee, and Gretchen, who lived there for several years, is something of a Milwaukee partisan). As for the Adam Lambert endorsement stitched on the back of Katy Perry's cape during her zany Las Vegas-themed performance, that was a bit of a shocker. But who can blame her? At this point in the competition everyone except Adam seems like a fifteen watt bulb. The only reason to vote for anyone else is either homophobia or an intense dislike of actual talent.

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