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Monday, May 25 2009

I continued with yesterday's pattern of computer work interspersed with bouts of attacking the pile of dirt just south of the greenhouse, which I'm steadily banking against the west wall of the greenhouse (I'm also using some to increase the amount of soil north of the greenhouse as well). Most of the annoying flies of May are gone, but I continue to be harassed by mosquitos, which are a constant in warm weather in this area. We had an inch and a half of rain yesterday (I could tell by the 35 or so gallons of water I collected off the ten by six foot roof of the woodshed), and moisture always seems to bring out the mosquitos.
In the evening Gretchen and I had a little homemade pizza party with Deborah our kidney-stone-bedeviled houseguest and Chris, the vegan guy we'd met at the Reservoir Inn last night. The only problem with Chris is that when he's with Gretchen the talk inevitably becomes Humane Society/veganizing-the-Universe shop talk, and my eyes glaze over. I much prefer it when he talks about construction technologies, particularly "green" and zero-maintenance designs.

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