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Sunday, January 10 2010
I'm gradually fighting back against the coccooning cobwebs of procrastination to do the several things I've told people that I will do for them. Back during the late-autumnal slack period, I made the mistake of taking on two projects, one low-paying and the other no-paying. More recently someone who can pay me had a job for me and I had to take it because such opportunities cannot be rejected in this market. So now I have three jobs (four if you count the distraction of prison work), and every one of them has a point of contact who would prefer that I spend all my time on his project. I could accord time to projects according to how much I'm being paid, but that's not the way my brain works. It wants to obsess on something completely, to the point where I look up and realize, "Shit, it's 4:00 am!" With three desk projects up in the air, it's not an easy state to achieve. And I'm a terrible multitasker. But at least I've stopped watching downloaded movies for the time being.

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