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Friday, January 15 2010
It was back to the Drupal grindstone for me today, although at some point I took a break to walk the dogs. It was a beautiful day, 45 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. By recent standards, it felt like summer. (Indeed, about a week ago it was 23 degrees and sunny and, because the wind hadn't howling, it had felt like spring. Judging by the sounds they'd been making, even the birds had been fooled.)
Despite the fact that I was walking dogs, I kept coming upon large herds of deer, particularly at 41.920034N, 74.104071W and 41.92112N, 74.100852W 0.18 miles to the northeast. I'd become separated from the dogs by the time I approached that second spot, and the deer didn't notice me until I got rather close. I could see them doing the things deer do when they're just hanging out on a warm winter day. I saw one pronk, seemingly to impress a peer deer.

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