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   birthday week continues
Wednesday, January 20 2010
I reached the main milestone and a breathing point on the project for which I am being best paid, so suddenly the heaviest of the several weights had been lifted from my shoulders and time itself opened up once more as if it were a glorious land to be explored instead of a treadmill to be endured. I complain, but I've been lucky in my life because it's been rare for me to struggled with onerous timelines or the need to be at certain places at certain times.
Gretchen's birthday week continued with a celebratory dinner at her favorite local restaurant, the Garden Café in Woodstock. There's almost always a great soup there, but I remain underwhelmed by the entrées, which usually feature elements that are either too greasy or too bland or combination of the two. I think that next time I dine there I will order two bowls of soup, one as an appetizer and one as a main course.

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