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Sunday, January 31 2010
Considering how late I'd stayed up last night, I didn't get up especially late this morning. When we have people sleeping over and it's as bitter cold as it's been, I feel it's important for me to get the stove going again at a reasonable hour so the house will be trending towards the 60s by the time our guests are out of bed. Since college, I've been able to live a life where it's rare for me not to get as much sleep as my body wants, so it's unusual for me to walk around with a sleep deficit. I had sort of hollowness in my head, but I felt good for having got shit done last night. I continued getting more shit done into the early afternoon, after the others had all gone to Woodstock for a vegan brunch.
All this work was in support of a meeting I'd be having at 2pm near Woodstock concerning project for which my remuneration is most unlikely. The meeting went reasonably well, and the best thing about it was that I discovered a bunch of downed oak on the side of Dug Hill Road on the drive home. Some of it was cut into pieces that I could load into the Subaru, but much of it was too enormous to deal with without coming by with a saw of my own.


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