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   treefrog on a bicycle
Monday, August 30 2010
I continued work today on David's website, mostly hammering out issues related to a user making a purchase. At some point I discovered that IE wasn't rendering my page anything like Firefox, so I had to screw around with that problem for awhile. If all the work that has gone into making websites appear consistently across different browsers had instead been put into, I don't know, perfecting vegan blue cheese, the world would be a much happier place. (Notice I didn't say curing malaria, since accomplishing that would only make people happy for the twenty years necessary to cut down and overpopulate the lowland jungles of Africa.)

Summery heat was back at nearly full strength today. At some point I wanted to ride a bicycle to the mailbox, but when I went to grab it, I saw a weird blob just above the front fork. The blob looked liked lichen-covered moss but it was actually a treefrog. Later when the sun moved to the west and blazed down upon the bike, the treefrog relocated to the wall of the house, slowly crawling along with a narrow band of shade cast by one of the tubes of the bicycle's frame.

Treefrog on a bicycle.

Eleanor being extra.

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