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Friday, November 26 2010
Gretchen's parents woke us up this morning to say goodbye. They wanted to get an early start at looking at Frank Lloyd Wright houses or something.
Gretchen and I like to relax and not do much in the way of anything after a day of hosting a lavish meal, although Gretchen somehow entertained the hope that I could be interested in going off to hang out with Ray and Nancy so she could get some much-neeed alone time. That wasn't happening. (Gretchen should have known me better; I get "socialed-out" far sooner than she does.) But I did spend a good amount of time down in the greenhouse building out the two-by-foor joists that will eventually support the floor over its eastern part. I also worked on a new database updating system that will allow me to easily alter databases having an earlier version of a schema. This has recently become a problem because I've redesigned some of the auxillary tables used by my generic database admin tool, which tends to malfunction when it encounters earlier versions of those tables.

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