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   November 2010

01: idea for a terrace beneath a cliff - And how I found my mattock inspite of a marginal, if fixed, metal detector.
02: squirrel heartwood dirt - I find out why such good soil can often be found inside old hollow trees.
03: 2010 political carnage - Another scary midterm.
04: starch and fire - The hottest food I have ever eaten.
05: end of tomato season - And when exactly tomato season is.
06: chopping into shale - Almost as easy to remove as dirt.
07: painful legs and nicked fingers - Another day enlarging the greenhouse well. Also, listening to a skepticism podcast.
08: excavating really big pieces from bedrock - Continuing to work on my latest brute force obsession.
09: a little to close to the foundation - My well expansion project gets perhaps a little too expansive.
10: another teevee Wednesday - A show about dogs and more of The Hurt Locker.
11: food ethics meal - Gretchen serves a meal to showcase easy vegan entrées for food ethics students.
12: directions of scars - Visiting Ray as he recuperates at home. Also: a crazy woman on the rail trail and a hydronic leak in a solar panel.
13: one day leak repair - Tearing apart a hydronic panel, cutting out a bad piece of copper pipe, and replacing it.
14: nerds always vs. jocks - Seeing The Social Network.
15: with the force of a rusty nail - I develop a new theory for why the front pane of my solar panel cracked about a year ago. Also: I'm now up to nine carts of salvaged wood for the season, and the deliciousness of semi-rotten hot peppers.
16: lashing down the panel - Preparing my partly-fixed solar panel for a powerful storm headed its way.
17: telescoping copper - Yet another idea for a copper lamp.
18: glass run, 2010 - Picking up two large panes of glass in a Subarau Legacy.
19: Chinese takeaway for a cowboy electrician - While working on re-glazing the solar panel, Ray calls to say he needs the help of an electrician.
20: splitting vacations - Sometimes I need a break so I go and split some Silver Maple.
21: can't kill an hour in Tivoli - So we ate at Luna 61, not Santa Fe.
22: firewood processing procrastination - Wood splitting is more engaging the house cleaning or web development.
23: large wooden pants - The end of my Silver Maple splitting project and the inlaws arrive for Thanksgiving.
24: compute where it's warm - I do web development on my little laptop in the dining room while Thanksgiving is prepared.
25: Thanksgiving, 2010 - First-ever Thanksgiving at home.
26: post-lavish-meal mehs - And no, I don't want to go out and socialize.
27: inviting myself over - Gretchen gets sick of me being in the house so she suggests I invite myself over to Ray and Nancy's.
28: ready-made ancient - Why I love Portland cement.
29: state trooper Monday - In places I'd never seen them before.
30: wooden origami - Wood harvesting along the trail is easy even if far down the trail. And I make a simple shelving unit for the kitchen.