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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Jews Years Day Hudson Florida Taxi Driver EDs American Idol D Pandora C V8 Hannaford Albany Garden Mall Court Insanity Sauce Little Cold Indian US LT Bubbie

February - BLT Carl Sagan Microsoft Lou Midlake CD Chestnut Pearl Fryar Imaginarium Doctor Parnassus Onteora Lake Honda Civic Ellenville Collector II Weezer Grand Theft Auto San

March - HTML Explode Planters Pringles Badger Pentium Obamacare Cyrus World Ray Windows New England Chinese

April - BLTs Brooklyn PPLAUSE DF MDF Battlestar Galactica Nancy Hill PBR Esopus Saugerties Chinese

May - Dug Road Ivy Comeau Property Box Filezilla Firefox Pornographers Bearsville NY Falls York University TableForm

June - Eleanor Americans Uptown IPA Portland Thrifty Rent PT Cruiser Oregon Tabor Vortex Rogue River Valley Bend McMenamin Smith Rocks Madras Columbia Gorge Informant IY Snake Wood Frog Google Street View Jeopardy Liquid Plumr Mountain Sarah Brew Beer Ice Stewarts

July - First Rhinebeck Wilma WiFi SA Stonehenge HD Dish Network Nigel Juneau Hitler LaRouchie Salvation Army HDTV James Chinese Chelsea Clinton

August - Walkway Over Virginia P3 Run Charlottesville Monsoon Thai Southern Pennsylvania Latino PAs Farm Sanctuary Dream Jr Theatre BRAWL

September - Fritos IBM Aptiva Penny Facebook Amtrak Rhinecliff Dog Subaru Moby Great Recession Gmail

October - Godaddy Live Support Ethiopian Town Ugly Woodchuck Durock Maple MP3 Rainer Maria Black Olive Rally Keep Fear Alive National

November - The Hurt Locker Social Subarau Legacy Silver Luna Santa Fe

December - Storage Wars Intervention Colbert Report Aiwa Jewish Deborah Fusion VI Skytop