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   first firewood fire of 2012
Monday, October 8 2012
I spent the whole day on web development to an extent I hadn't thought possible at this stage of the project, which is about two weeks after a badly-blown deadline but a month and a half before the moved deadline. As a contractor, it's best of all possible worlds: lots of paid hours, and deadlines that don't really mean anything. Still, something in me wants to meet those deadlines, but I'm stuck in a matrix that makes this impossible. So the best response is resignation to my fate, which is never going to be worse than having to find another job in what amounts to (for reasons that nobody can quite explain) a 1999-style tech boom.
This evening I went on another drive up the Farm Road to gather rocks I'd pre-positioned in various piles. This time I took Eleanor with me. She likes a ride in the car no matter where it is going to (and sometimes it is only going to the other end of the driveway).
Back in the house, it was so cold that I started the first true firewood fire of the season. Meanwhile Gretchen cooked a dinner of pici, that Tuscan pasta that we love so much (and that can only be purchased in Italy so far as we know; this last batch was mailed to us from Italy by Gretchen's parents).

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