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Wednesday, October 24 2012
When I took Ramona and Eleanor on their walk this morning, I eventually just turned Ramona loose to run as she wanted to. We'd kept her movements restricted for two months and I wanted to see if exercise would result in any soreness. It didn't seem to, despite all kinds of charging about through log-choked forest and up and down rocky slopes. But when I got back home, I thought it best to keep her cooped up in her corral as usual.

I had another day all to myself (aside from being on constant call with my work contacts via instant messenger, whose beeps I could hear over FM-broadcasted podcasts). There's nothing much left to do down in the greenhouse upstairs except for installing some sort of floor, so I turned my attention to producing art. I will be part of a show at KMOCA in November, and I don't have a lot of new stuff. So I needed to make some stuff. I've decided to produce a diversity of stuff, including paintings, plans for one of my "inventions," and a copper swing lamp. It was the copper swing lamp that I built today, closely modeled on the small swing lamps I'd built for the bedroom, but using an easier-to-work-with porcelain socket I managed to find at Lowes. It would have been an easy build, but my solder joints were sloppy and it took some work with a bastard file to make them look good. Soldering outside in the rain (even a light rain) is never a good idea.

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