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Sunday, March 15 2015
I was mildly hungover from yesterday's party, so at some point this afternoon, I decided to do something to ease the pain. I looked around in my various medical supplies and found a 50 milligram tablet of tramadol[REDACTED]. I'm not usually a big fan of prescription narcotics, but this was a pretty good drug. It didn't make me the slightest bit sleepy; instead it gave me a feeling of well-being and even a certain amount of focus. I was able to run a test of sucking down 433 MHz signals from a F007th Ambient Weather temperature probe using the breadboarded Atmega328 that I use for all my initial proof-of-concept Arduino work. After only about five minutes of work, it was amazing to see the temperature and humidity from a nearby probe being displayed accurately in a serial monitor on my computer. And it was even better when I hooked a short piece of antenna wire to my 433 MHz receiver board and started seeing data from the two probes down in the greenhouse. I'd never been able to successfully read a 433 MHz probe in the greenhouse from the laboratory before. It's looking like building my own open-source weather station is going to be easier than initially feared. We'll just have to see how my barometer-array windspeed & direction system works out.
I made more progress on that barometric array later this evening when I did all the wiring necessary to connect two of the barometers in the array to an Arduino. Remember, these barometers have the same I2C address and so must be multiplexed through an ADG508 switch. If I can write the code to get readings from those two barometers, then I'll have proof-of-concept for getting readings from all five that will eventually be in the array. At that point, proof of concept will move on to the question of whether or not I can successfully calculate windspeed and direction from readings of the air pressure in tubes pointing in the four cardinal directions.
Soon after I finished that electronic work, I was overcome by a wave of nausea from the tramadol and so had to lie down on a couch with a laptop. Lying down made the nausea fade away, though I think that if I'd remained standing or sitting I definitely would have vomitted.

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