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Sunday, July 5 2015
Lisa, Gina, and Luna the Dog all headed back to Massachusetts today, stopping first at the bookstore in Woodstock to visit Gretchen. I hadn't gathered any firewood yesterday, so I made it up by gathering two loads. The first of these was from a smallish skeletal Chestnut Oak to the west of our uphill neighbors' house (a place I'd never gathered firewood before). It came to almost exactly 100 pounds. The second load was from a very old (and large) treefall across the Chamomile a couple hundred feet upstream from the Stick Trail crossing. The wood from that second tree contained a fair amount of moisture and rot, so even though it came to 110.5 pounds, that doesn't represent as much firewood heat as lighter loads I have carried.
Later this afternoon, I took a massive nap. I hadn't slept well last night and had been forced to take an Ambien at 4:00am, which was perhaps a bit too late for that particular drug. Ambien breaks down quickly in the body, though I think if you start the day under its lingering effects, it's a bit like getting out of bed on the wrong foot. I was also troubled by a new ache that had suddenly appeared in my left forearm. Part of the ache seems centered between the radius and ulna about four inches from my elbow and the other part seems to be coming from the soft tissue within my left hand between the metacarpi of the forefinger and middle finger. It's not in the joint, tendons or muscles, as the ache(s) don't seem to be associated with purposeful activity.

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