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Wednesday, January 17 2018
Wednesday! Six or so inches of snow fell, meaning Gretchen and I had to dig out the driveay in order that she could go to her Woodstock bookstore job. The Subaru wouldn't start, of course, and Gretchen was forced to take the Prius in what was objectively Subaru weather. Gretchen also took Neville, making my day relatively simple and undistracted. Nevertheless it felt "hectic" just because of the way things were going in my remote workplace.
At some point this afternoon when I went out to get the mail (an important break from sitting in a chair staring at a screen), I heard to sound of some car laboring to make it up Dug Hill Road. There was enough snow on the road for traction to be compromised, and the car was making terrible progress, stuck for a long time in the road bend just below our driveway. I didn't want to get guilt-tripped into helping some stranger with getting their car up the hill in miserable conditions, and, besides, there were others on the scene. So I retreated back into the house to wait until the car had somehow made it to the top of the hill. That took awhile.

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