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   the day after a big travel day
Saturday, January 27 2018

rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

Gretchen, who had to deny herself a social life while I was in California in order to babysit Neville, took advantage of my being home to go out not once but twice today on different social calls (mostly, though, with the same people: Sarah the Vegan and Nancy). Meanwhile, I drank kratom tea, hung out with the dogs in the recuperation fort, and got very little done. It's hard for me to develop much motivation the day after a big travel day.
I watched a documentary about the invention and rise of GNU/Linux entitled Revolution OS, partly because I've been nerding-out lately and partly because I didn't really have a cohesive version of that important story in my head. Revolution OS came out in 2001, and so much of its material is dated. There was no way it could have anticipated how thoroughly Linux would take over the world via the Android OS and further expansion of Linux into the server market.
Meanwhile, warmish weather seems to have followed me back to the east coast, with highs reaching up into the mid-50s.

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