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   February 2020

01: hand-sharpening a chainsaw - It's quick and effective, even for a gross amateur like me.
02: half-moon Neville agitation - Neville's bark is pathetic in comparison to Ramona's, as showcased in tonight's possible coyote alert.
03: firewood degeneracy pressure - When all the places to put firewood in the living room are occupied.
04: just remembering to do it - Reminding myself I can build any web application with good old vanilla Javascript and PHP.
05: lovely data for graphing - Finding more uses for graphing functionality. Also, Red Hook Hannaford's chick pea salad.
06: a dog named Pooper - After a delayed commute to work due to an icestorm, a dog jumps out the window of a truck to say hello.
07: the Particle Photon sucks - But at least a generic e-scooter from China works as expected.
08: mountain laurel of elko lake - A millennial realtor shows us some lakefront property in Sullivan County.
09: clamshell firewood salvaging backpack - The loss of the fold-out shelf results in an even better firewood-hauling backpack.
10: tailgater on US 209 - And how I dealt with him.
11: some earbuds are better than others - When switching between cheap ones, even I can hear the difference.
12: scavenger cat on Middle Road - Also, more fun with maxmatrix LEDs.
13: still using Tableform - I find a use for my old database visualizer even in a Microsoft shop.
14: moneyless on Valentine's Day - No road beer for me. Also, Valentine's Pizza at DiBella's on Lucas Avenue.
15: hot-pot-based cuisine - Trying a seemingly-authentic Chinese restaurant.
16: Red Hook birthday burrito - I knew the Mexican experience I wanted to have could only happen at Cancun's.
17: used to be very simple - The problem with both the web and the Arduino ecosystem.
18: mystery dysphoria - Despite a wave of funk sending me to bed in the afternoon, I make great progres getting microcontrollers to communicate over I2C.
19: drive to Yorktown Heights - After spacing out on an important meeting and bringing Ramona to work, I manage to make it on time anyway.
20: fortunate spaces in a PVC box - I find I can fit phone jacks perfectly in the space between the box wall and the screw posts.
21: self-made pizza - Gretchen left me a lump of dough. Also, why an expensive reporting tool might not solve your problems and my boss helps me break into my locked (but running) car.
22: just a caulking problem - Another afternoon spent dealing with a mystery leak at the brick mansion on Downs Street.
23: birds seemed to have faith - A warmish day in late February.
24: hawks and seagulls - More avian evidence of springtime.
25: now in alphabetical order - My boss toys with my SQL.
26: Mike Pence in charge - They're so terrible at their jobs that they deserve all that's coming to them.
27: creeping illness - By the end of the workday, I realize I won't be coming in tomorrow.
28: forgetting to eat - How illness toys with your appetite even when it doesn't do so directly.
29: no joy in anything - Life with a 102 degree fever.