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   Powerful's 2nd birthday out of prison
Thursday, July 1 2021
Today was Powerful's 42nd birthday, his second since getting out of prison. Gretchen got up late and made him pancakes for breakfast, which I joined them for. (They were good pancakes, and the only thing I put on them was butter.) This was also when I presented Powerful with his birthday present, a pile of boxes from Advance Auto Parts, some of which were rather heavy. Later Gretchen and Powerful would be going to the movie theatre at the mall (one of the few functioning businesses still there) to see The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, which is an action-thriller sequel to an earlier movie entitled The Hitman's Bodyguard. Gretchen asked Powerful if she should see the earlier movie, and he said she should. So, after first ironing out the kinks in the household network that always follow a power outage, I downloaded it using Bittorrent, and Gretchen watched the beginning. But then she and Powerful had to go see their movie. It was the first time Powerful had been to a theatre since the 1990s, and he was dazzled by how comfortable they've become (in an effort to compete with home theatres). But the theatre at the mall had only been awesomely post-1990s for a few months before it had to shut down for the coronavirus pandemic.
Throughout the day today, I ate things like leftover spaghetti and a vegan "turkey" sandwich that Kacey from across the street had given to Gretchen to give to me. Her views about coronavirus might be troubling, but she makes a good "turkey" sandwich. I also mixed some rum into a cold tea Konco had made and bottled. (He has a plan to eventually make a business out of this tea.) It's good but maybe a little too heavy on the mint component.
Meanwhile, it was rainy all day and the clouds were so thick that it looked like early dusk even in the early afternoon.

A male cardinal today on one of the pipes to one of the three hydronic solar panels on the solar deck.

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