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Sunday, July 18 2021
I took the dogs for their walk this morning, and even Neville (who has been skipping a lot of walks lately with Gretchen) came along. We headed across the inundated wetlands at the base of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and then up that trail, where a temporary fast-rushing brook was still swollen from yesterday's downpours. I managed to find the patch of chanterelles that had eluded me on my last mushroom hunt, and I managed to gather a small bag of them. There were a lot of other species of mushrooms as well, particular large yellow boletes, white Amanitas and what appeared to be Amanita muscaria. Interestingly, there were few red efts, and the seven I ended up counting were only along the Stick Trail on the walk back home.
I'd slept badly last night so at some point this afternoon I took a nap that lasted less than two hours. Then I went off to do a landlording chore, one that involved an outdoor motion-sensor light that wasn't working at the brick mansion on Downs Street. On my way to Home Depot, a burst of rain reminded me how bad the windshield wipers on the Subaru are, so my first stop was at the AutoZone to get replacements for those. Then at Home Depot I got a plastic planter for use as an office composter in Red Hook (having lost my old one to an over-zealous early-covid cleaning), a replacement motion-sensor unit, and some drill bits to round out the new Chevy Bolt onboard toolkit. At the Downs Street house, the bulbs on the motion-sensor light tested good, and when I opened up the replacement motion-sensor unit, it was clear someone had tried to install it once before, so I was skeptical it was any good. The existing motion-sensor pod actually seemed to work at least a little, so I exercised its switches and potentiometers and called it a day, since there was still too much daylight to test it. [Later I would learn that this was all it took to get it working again.]
Back at the house, several cloud bursts had managed to cool the day down to a reasonable temperature, so I could take a prolonged bath comfortably. I was even able to use water hot enough to do something about my athlete's feet (which flared up recently after an absence of over a year).

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