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   mix up of the Red Hook Tuesday restaurant schedule
Tuesday, July 20 2021
I went to the office again today, but I wasn't the first one there. I was beat by Jason, who rode there on his bicycle from his home in Rhinebeck.
At noon today, I thought I drive the Bolt into downtown Red Hook to get some delicious Chinese food from the Golden Wok. Right next door to the Golden Wok are some municipal charging stations, so I plugged the Bolt in to one of those and then went to order my Chinese food. But then it turned out that the Golden Wok is now closed on Tuesday, perhaps because of the pandemic. So then I thought I'd go to the Wildflower Café, the weird formerly-vegan burger place with the infamously slow service. But on the walk over there, I saw that Bubby's was open. They were the ones who used to be closed on Tuesdays. So I went in there and ordered a burrito, even though the one I'd gotten about a year ago during the height of the pandemic hadn't been so great. It seems the burritos are cheaper there now, perhaps because they no longer come with a huge salad. Those salads had never made much sense, and I'd never been too excited about them, but I'd mostly eaten them anyway because I understood them to be good for me, and (of course) I'd paid for them. During the pandemic, someone had installed picnic tables under the maples across the street where I used to sit on the ground with my ant friends to eat my burritos, so that was where I ate my burrito today. It seemed mostly to be back to Bubby's pre-pandemic standards.
I had another reasonably-effective day, working mostly with SQL, and then I cut out at 4:30pm. I drove directly to Home Depot to return the motion-sensor pod I'd bought there (it turned out my fuddling with the "broken" motion sensor at Downs Street had "fixed" it). While there, I got some supplies to hopefully make the upstairs bathroom toilet flush better, along with more tools for the Chevy Bolt's mobile toolkit.

Back at the house, Gretchen put together a meal of pre-packaged Indian food and brown rice, which I didn't have much appetite to eat. After getting home, you see, I'd remembered the Trader Joe's naan chips and snacked heavily.


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