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   first gardening of 2022
Tuesday, April 26 2022
At lunchtime today, Gretchen and I drove over to the brick mansion on Downs Street, where we met with the youngish man who has been the tenant in our 1R apartment for the past five years or so. He's moving out this week, to be replaced with our first transgender tenant. The soon-to-be-former tenant had a few issues to show us, such as a missing panel on the screen door, a loose pane of glass in one of the windows, a leak under the kitchen sink, and an ominous leak around the base of the toilet. Our painter friend Erik will be giving the apartment a fresh coat of paint, which is great, because it's looking pretty dingy in there.
Today in the remote workplace, I made some good progress on the admin tools for my AppStream login system. To simplify administration, I provided a way to enter either JSON or individual items into a form, with instant copying of data between the two forms. This will make it easy for a power user to clone existing instances of the most complicated entity. By the end of my workday, I was putting considerable effort into making it all look better, perfecting the tabbed interface and making the tabular display of data prettier.
At the end of the my workday, I finally found the motivation to do some gardening, most of it indoors. I put soil in two large trays and seeded the first with cannabis seeds and the second with tomato seeds. I segregated the older cannabis seeds in the half of the tray furthest from the window to see how much less viable they are than my newer seeds (grown in 2020). I also planted some sunflower seeds in the empty pots out on the east deck.

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