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   June 2022

01: Gretchen's lobbying begins to bear fruit - It's looking like the de facto gun range down at the bus turnaround is not long for this world.
02: last of the cabin grouting - I go to the cabin early this week and finish the last of the tiling chores.
03: remote workday at the cabin - Also, pouring footings for the dock legs.
04: dock decked - Cutting planks and installing them on the dock joists.
05: custom bookshelf planking - Anything to avoid drywall anchors.
06: cowbird fledge - The phoebes get cuckolded again. Also, looking for j-bolts without having the word for them.
07: our pretty little heads would explode - Of course Microsoft makes it impossible to just create a new DevOps pipeline from scratch.
08: the moonroof is a fun option - But there's also an infuriatingly Microsoftian distinction.
09: asked for a large loan - Something I immediately cut in half.
10: need for a second car charger - The first one requires too much juice under normal circumstances.
11: transporting large amounts of rock in a canoe - It's much easier than doing it with any other human-powered transportation.
12: we're not ATV people - I'd thought so, but Gretchen needed to prove this to herself.
13: don't work from memory when dealing with measurements - Especially if you didn't take them.
14: the closing of the bus turnaround - Sorry, gun enthusiasts, you'll have to ruin the peace and quiet in someone else's neighborhood.
15: lying deer - Maybe giving birth to a fawn?
16: lunch burgers - Powerful makes burgers and how stone walls improve over time.
17: rice vinegar but no tahini - Availability of esoteric items at the Amsterdam Hannaford.
18: like a laborer - Gretchen and I discuss the roots of recent conflict.
19: escaping the Obsidian League - Gretchen playing the very gamified language-learning app Duolingo.
20: temeph goes bad after three weeks in a refrigerator - Another lesson of buying in bulk from Trader Joe's.
21: organ retrieval - It's actually a harmonium, and Sandor and his truck help me get it.
22: Don fears his phone - He watches videos on it, and one of them told him that cellphones cause health problems.
23: satisfying after hours work - Alone in the house with the cats, dogs, and a glass of scotch.
24: a gap in my smile - The trauma of even small-scale surgery while fully awake. Also, Roe vs. Wade is no more.
25: hinged section of dock floated - Further progress on the dock project. It's now 24 feet long.
26: bluegill nesting - An explanation of cleared patches seen on the lakefloor.
27: is it lemon powder? - What exactly is that off-putting flavor Powerful uses when he cooks?
28: like an implausible scene in a terrible action movie - Another day where reality proves more absurd than fiction.
29: channel confusion - Make sure you're typing into the right Teams or Slack channel when gossiping about a colleague!
30: NPR nerds at the Mann Center - Driving into Philadelphia on a Thursday.