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Monday, December 26 2022
I had the day off, but not Gretchen, and she brought Neville with her to work. She had him wear his lion's mane all day, to the delight of many. Meanwhile back in Hurley, I took Ramona with me when I drove out to 9W to run some errands. First I swapped the toaster oven with the broken handle for a one that hopefully had a fully-intact handle. Then I went to Hannaford to return cans for deposit (the machine was broken, so I just left the cans for someone needier than me) and then bought some groceries: bananas, tempeh, tofu, broccoli, Naked-brand mango smoothie, various canned bean products, and taco shells. I would've also bought tostadas, but apparently the demographic of the 9W Hannaford isn't Hispanic enough to support shelf space for that product.
Back home, I did a little work removing things of dubious utility from both the garage and the laboratory in hopes of filling out the back of the Forester before Gretchen made a run to the dump. The more stuff I put in there, the happier she'd be. So I found some things I could part with: four or five table stands for flatscreen monitors, an old, far-from-true bicycle wheel, a frame from a kid's bike, cheap hanging rails we'd removed from closets, and some old under-a-kitchen-sink plumbing I'd cut out and will never find a use for. Combined with an old water cooler/heater and Gretchen's old elliptical, it made for a full-enough load.
I then brought home two backpack loads from just west of the Farm Road. I'd cut this wood up yesterday, so I didn't need to bring a saw.
Before Gretchen came home this evening, I made a big pot of chili containing tempeh, mushrooms, three kinds of beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, nutritional yeast, a single hot pepper I'd grown this summer, and onions. The common ingredient that I left out this time hominy, which Gretchen loves but which I don't much care for. As I was working on this, my brother Don called from Virginia. He was just calling to be friendly, and I could hear our mother nattering away somewhat coherently in the background. She even laughed appropriately when I told jokes. Don told me our mother had given him $60 for Christmas, which is a lot for him (though it comes out of money that SSI puts into her account to provide him food and shelter, both of which she can't be said to be providing adequately). Whenever Don mostly wants to talk about hominoid evolution or the "health care" communal insects provide to their sick, it generally means there are no ongoing crises, so I was happy to mumble "uh huh" to the things he was saying, at least until Gretchen came home.
Tonight Gretchen and I watched a Jeopardy! followed by the first episode of the second season of Letterkenny, which I'm still not loving.

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