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   February 1998

01: geology discussion - Also, Matthew's birthday party consists of him lying around in his room behind closed doors and somehow visiting his mother.
02: rent day - And a few hardware distractions. Also, Jessika has yet to arrive and Rory is writing up a storm.
03: Karla Faye Tucker gets the juice - Also, feelings of malaise on a cold rainy spam-filled day. I even have a sore throat/tongue/ear.
04: Big King burgers - For a limited time only, these 660 calorie chunks of mad cow cost only 99 cents.
05: search for video camera - I ride to the Downtown Mall on a fruitless search for a video camera.
06: Burning Airline - Jessika comes into town, and I see a Jawbox-descended band after sneaking into the Tokyo Rose.
07: Aquarius Party - A big party at my house to celebrate all our birthdays, complete with punk rock and visits from the cops.
08: day after - The day after the Aquarius Party, we eat bagels and romp on Carter's Mountain.
09: tussin in the long room - It's Deya's 21st birthday, so we drink tussin and try mostly unsuccessfully to get her free drinks at Charlottesville's bars.
10: Crozet Pizza - We finally get into this world-famous if tiny pizza establishment.
11: Live Arts Godzilla - A guy in a green lizard suit entertains Jessika and me at a Downtown Mall theatre.
12: how much I hate salsa music - We drink lots of rum and then go to a salsa show at the Tokyo Rose.
13: war in the backyard - A group of young afro-americans attempt to crash a nearby frat and cops respond.
14: Hoagie buys pizza - Her stocks are doing so well she's offered to help me buyt a new car. In the mean time there's free pizza.
15: bratty defiance - A face plate refuses to come loose from my mother's Macintosh.
16: don't trust me - I turn 30, and Jen Fariello takes me out for margaritas and fajitas.
17: rain rain kill kill - The weather and material loss make me feel something akin to road rage.
18: fun with Percocet - It makes me nauseated and anxious, so it's really not so fun.
19: warm weather rage - I finally lose my cool on Matthew Hart's infantile behaviour.
20: teevee in my room only - Matthew takes his teevee and stereo, and Deya and I are happy to see him go.
21: Deya's retarded friends - Deya and I go to the junkyard for cheap car parts and later see Alboth (a sorth of goth band from Switzerland) at the Tokyo Rose.
22: I am retarded - My brute-force antics require an afternoon of considered undoing.
23: almost utopiaistic - Jessika decides to join Kappa Mutha Fucka.
24: marketing myself - It's anathema, but I need a job.
25: dead literature and low humour - Shakespeare's language is dead, and so is the literature he wrote. And most American comedy is insultingly bad.
26: a fecal donation - I bury my shit on sacred ground.
27: end of the month missions - I get a new driver's license, apply for jobs, change my oil, make peace with Matthew and review The Terminator.
28: Kafkaesque Columbia, Maryland - A dreadful experience driving to Malvern, Pennsylvania.