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   June 1998

01: music to chew gum to - Soundgarden's Superunknown will destroy your jaws in the space of a day.
02: I won't go bald here - This town is great if you're upper middle class and raising kids or have a strong interest in exercise.
03: absent minds and petty neuroses - Observations from the Firedrake ranch.
04: drinking in Bethesda - The Mayor and I go to an Irish Bar called Flanagans. Also, I discuss my clothing fetish.
05: DuPont circle in the rain - I crash an art opening in Washington D.C.
06: scratched at the Black Cat - The Mayor takes me on a tour of the U Street district of Washington D.C.
07: blue screen of death - Hangover and computer problems at Planet off c e n t e r.
08: fame and idiocy - I hand the house back over to its rightful occupants and expound on fame and idiocy.
09: catchup on Charlottesville - All the news from the past two weeks, plus more of the usual craziness.
10: tussin' with Deya - Deya and I drink tussin, explore the UVA gardens and go to a bar with Utkan the Turkish guy.
11: vodka without tea - A quiet little day spent homeless in Charlottesville.
12: Wacky Jen's House - We explore a recently-abandoned dwelling near Belmont. Also, stuff about the mainstream Wertland Mansion housemates.
13: cusp between the sciences - My father explores the mysterious place where mineralogy, botany and geography come together.
14: pushing heat around - I install yet another fan in the Shaque.
15: toads don't scream - And I only give friends a chance whom I meet in person.
16: one goat closer to goatless - A goat dies and Don and I dump him in the woods. Also, a big storm blows through.
17: hoping to puke - I get really sick after eating chicken.
18: my thumb down my throat - I gradually recover from my intestinal ills.
19: plagues and body temperature - Now I'm suffering from severe athlete's foot.
20: popular rock and roll - Also, more on Walmart, and Lowes Hardware regarding dubious land practices in Staunton.
21: hot not humid - And it's the solstice too, near about.
22: infections defeated and otherwise - MBDF and athlete's foot get whupped, but then I install the Windows 95 Active Desktop.
23: funereal throng of supporters - I am a little creeped-out by Celebrate Ginkgo Week.
24: farm tour - Let's walk around the farm and then talk about online power struggles and the injustice of love.
25: strange assignments amongst the ants - Obsessive-compulsive insect behaviour, sadness for the moths, and a new heat sink.
26: adult contemporary renaissance - Raphael and the members of the Supertanker music clique are apparently doing their utmost to bring back this neglected music genre.
27: Lanky Ben's House - We visit another Horrid Crash Pad on a drunken Saturday night.
28: Sunday night pizza breakfast - Breakfast on a Sunday night in Charlottesville meant eating cheese pizza and listening to loud classic rock.
29: how not to remove cotterless cranks - My childhood friend does it with a hammer and a screwdriver.
30: charitable custodian - He feeds the animals on his break.