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Tuesday, December 22 1998
My face looked just fine this morning, though I expected it to be marred by big purple and yellow bruise shaped like a human mouth. This little reflex act had been the cause of last night's fight. The bite itself wasn't really so bad; it was more the fact Kim wouldn't leave me alone so I could recuperate in peace. She badgered me with so many apologies I actually threatened to move out.
I worked hard all day. Somehow I persisted even after the others had all headed home. There's an expectation in my workplace that me and my co-workers will place the interests of the company above all else, certainly above whatever feeble projects and social obligations I might have in my "free time." But the strain of it all pushes me close to snapping sometimes. When, for example, one of the Web Developers told me that my mailer program was broken and implied I'd have to stay at work until it was fixed, I responded that there was no way, as broken as it was, that it would be healed by morning. And when he came back with some vaguely condescending language to the effect that he would be staying late and why the hell couldn't I, I answered with, "Because I'm not as upstanding a citizen as you." This entire conversation could be overheard by the Grand Pooh Bah himsaelf, and no doubt part of what I was saying was designed for his ears. My message was: I will work hard for you, but only in the time I have allocated for you.
But then I had the mailer completely fixed only some five minutes later. Sadly, I couldn't just get up head home at this point; numerous boring little tasks and web adjustments followed from there.

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