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   aside from my smelly feet and a painful former zit
Monday, December 28 1998
Work went well, even if I focused on projects that interest me instead of high-priority ones. Though I didn't go outside much today except for some lunchtime bank business, temperatures were perfectly comfortable and the sun shone down brightly from clear blue skies. I ate my In & Out burger on the side of a highway, watching shiny cars zip by. They were occupied almost exclusively by beautiful women who seemed to wonder what I was up to.
When I finally made it home, there were no fights with the girlfriend and television was so fascinating that I was distracted from my writing. VH1 was running a Behind the Music Marathon and both Madonna and KC and the Sunshine Band were featured bigtime. Aside from my smelly feet and a painful former zit on the back of my neck, I'm in perfect health.

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