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   May 1999

01: Xanax and cocaine - The pills make you sleepy, but the lines will wake you up.
02: $750 brunch - Kim's friend Ed takes us to the fanciest restaurant in all of New Orleans.
03: the oldest restaurant in New Orleans - Odd new sexual experiences on the second floor of the oldest restaurant in New Orleans. Also, we fly home to San Diego.
04: what do you tell the co-workers? - I don't want to come off as bragging, but...
05: Cinco de Mayo - Lame in all respects.
06: reluctant entertainers - Lame in all respects.
07: Y2K in the UK - Neighbor girl Lisa visits, the urinal at work looks like it was used by a Wookie, and I hear about a big selloff of gold in the UK.
08: New Orleans feedback - People get a little hot about the facts I reveal from my New Orleans adventure.
09: downtown barbecue - Kim and I attend a party next door to her workplace.
10: yet another domestic crisis - Lawrence tells Kim that I admitted to not loving her.
11: the San Diego music scene - Generally sick of the single-minded vapidness of San Diego.
12: feeling marginalized - People keep being hired to do what I used to do here at work.
13: couldn't muster - My enthusiasm for my job seems to be slipping away.
14: San Diego sausage party - Partying with the workplace class-clown.
15: yet another Kafkaesque Fry's Electronics experience - A slip-up on their part and we're sent to wait in the return line. Fuck that, we say.
16: Anza-Borrego Desert - Cacti, dirt, a coyote, and some nasty ants too.
17: not so bad - My workplace funk seems to be on the repair.
18: eerie movie violence - A partial review of Elizabeth.
19: discussion: I'm tired - I fall asleep during a romantic movie, the Horse Whisperer.
20: sociologists are gathering - Another high school shooting, ho hum.
21: parking lot surreality - Craziness at the workplace for the Grand Pooh Bah and the recently-fired class clown.
22: giantess - Macrophilia, sidewalk art, and other random things.
23: the fine chicks of La Jolla - Kim and I hang out with my co-worker, Eric the Internet Developer dude.
24: the next level - Weak use of corporate motivational-speak.
25: engineering teams are like soup - You can't just plug hot shot engineers in and expect utopia to dawn.
26: pizza girl - The latest ads from Pepsico.
27: Sinister herbicide ads - Issues with anthropomorphised plants in Ortho ads.
28: fun with an AlphaSmart - An impromptu party around a fascinating book and an electronic creative writing tool.
29: job responsibility - The web site breaks and it falls on me to fix it, but one of my robots does it first.
30: the paintings of Alex Grey - Kim, Steph, EJ and I see a moving art exhibit at the La Jolla Museum of Modern Art.
31: lame Memorial Day - On the cultural first day of Summer, all I want to do is install some Linux.