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   August 1999

01: conflict over time - A big fight over my coming home late and Kim's new co-worker, Renee.
02: dressed for a firing - A programmer is fired and I see a skimmer on the lower San Diego River.
03: more on KD - More about the fired programmer.
04: big scary meeting - The head honchos have a meeting to tell us that they are dismayed with our inability to fulfill their ludicrous expectations.
05: bad ergonomics, good electronics - Osprey shit and the daVinci PDA.
06: drinking amongst salespeople - I go out mostly with a bunch of people from the sales team and get drunk on tequila.
07: programming and cannabis - I eat a pot brownie and then attempt to put in a Saturday at work.
08: dreary homecoming - It's another of those sad silent evenings where Kim is convinced our relationship is over.
09: condo shopping - Kim tours Ocean Beach with a Real Estate Agent.
10: special skills for killing - Neighbor Andy heads to Las Vegas to make some quick money.
11: being free doesn't pay the bills - Kim's mother talks truisms about Ocean Beach real estate.
12: paying the bills doesn't make you free - I conclusively decide that I really need to move out.
13: Excel spreadsheet fiasco - A secretary accidentally attaches an Excel spreadsheet featuring most new employees' salaries to an email sent to everyone in the company.
14: the "price" of "freedom" - Since I'm critical for weekend projects, I come in, but for a price.
15: digital sweatshop mercenary - My project manager keeps offering more dough to keep me working on the redesign project while Kim throws fits in the distance.
16: self-important building manager - A brief show-down over my bike parking.
17: raise - I get a 33% raise at the iSweatshop.
18: absent for sushi - Another day as an antisocial.
19: blank - Another day as an antisocial.
20: matchmaker party - Kim has success getting one of her co-workers hooked up with one of mine.
21: the Rottweilers of Dog Beach - A visit to Dog Beach can tell you lots about current dog demographics.
22: under-desk Sistine chapel - Kim hangs out with me for a time at work on a Sunday.
23: like the father of an adolescent girl - My relationship with the neighbor girls.
24: sushi as surrogate bungee jumping - My relationship with the neighbor girls.
25: ass rash - I have an allergic rash on my butt after sitting on ice plants.
26: ways of thought - I muse about the Kansas Board of Education's anachronistic biology curriculum.
27: that one little elusive aspect - Just before you orgasm, there's that one perfect moment. I got there and I stayed.
28: Dog Beach at low tide - Also, the point at which a painting seems to be painting itself.
29: breakfast food: why? - I consider the absurdity of morning food's being different from other food.
30: when I had to fart - I eat a Macho Combo Burrito at Del Taco.
31: sake, bong hits & art - Painting an acrylic picture while stoned.