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April 9, 1997, Wednesday

Now I say: somewhere along the continuum between cleaning fluid and heroin lies the humble lemon-poppy seed muffin.

Gather the children around the family computer and read aloud!

This is a little story for all the nice children in our audience. When Mommy and Daddy want to make a baby, and even when they don't, they know what to do! Sometimes they go in their room and even take off their clothes. Sometimes though they are in too much of a hurry. It's like when you have to go to the bathroom. Daddy gets a funny look on his face and he grabs Mommy. And Mommy grabs Daddy. Their wee-wees are different than they usually are. Daddy's is bigger than usual. He looks funny. Mommy's looks a little different too. She also looks like she's had her wee wee in the bathtub. Daddy and Mommy might start kissing. They kiss funny. Daddy and Mommy put their tongues in each others' mouths like people do on teevee. Now comes the gross part. Daddy puts his wee-wee in Mommy's wee-wee. He really wants to, isn't that a funny thing? And Mommy doesn't mind. She wants him to. They make some funny noises. A few seconds later, some gooey stuff goes from Daddy to Mommy. If the time is right, the gooey stuff will make Mommy sick with a boo-boo called "pregnancy." Can you say "pregnancy"? That means she's going to have a baby. She can still decide not to have a baby even if she is pregnant, but she has to get an abortion to do that. Can you say "abortion"? I just KNEW you could!

The air on this day is remarkably cold. When walking outside, I wore my overcoat. Artist/videographer/UVA-student Jacque had wanted to videotape ME NUDE AND COVERED WITH RED PAINT at the abandoned factory on the Rivanna River today, but the plan fell apart because of the cold.

Walking past a van this afternoon I heard some country music, and turned to see if the guy in the van had a mullet. He didn't. Oh well; the quest continues.

I went into Plan 9 and bought a CD. The guy who sold it to me was the extremely fat guy who works there. He's so fat that when he moves, his skeleton goes through his body some distance before the rest of him picks up speed enough to follow along. I like him if only for his big happy face. None of my friends are fat, but I have nothing against fat people.

The vocals are those of some little five year old girl, or perhaps an embryo, or so it sounds to my ear.
I won't own up to what my motivation was, but, for $8, I bought Cranes' Population Four, which came out THIS YEAR. I was a little surprised by the sound. But you know what? I like it. The vocals are those of some little five year old girl, or perhaps an embryo, or so it sounds to my ear. This could be annoying to most people, but I'm quickly becoming used to it. Other than that, the instumentation is beautiful in the dark minor-key way that I like so very much. Some of the songs on here are outstanding. It's another little discovery of mine, the result of an open mind. I especially like "Stalk" and "On Top of the World." The first sounds much like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (that's for you, Jessika) and in the second the girly vocals are nicely compensated for by dark, heavy instrumentation and vertigo-inducing studio effects.

I get lots of unsolicited e-mail from people being sucked into the gravity that is my web site. I have hundreds of pages now, and they're all in the search engines. Here's an email that's interesting only because it isn't the usual "I love your page, man" feedback that I'm used to.

Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 20:16:15 -0400
From: Prairie Blanco []
Subject: Selfish

Wow, even more amazing than the incredible level you have reached all wonund up with yourself publishing daily accounts of you life on the worldwide reaching internet, even more amazing is that I am sitting here using my o so precious time reading it.

Please explain how Christianity is selfish, Republicans I would understand but...


my response:

Christians are, like everyone else, concerned only about themselves. The poor little babies WANNA LIVE FOREVER ON STREETS PAVED WITH GOLD, so they LICK GOD'S ASS CAUSE THEY KNOW HE'S ALL-POWERFULL and He's the one watching the gate.

In response our loving God spits in our faces with plagues, two headed babies and floods.

Need i say more?


I also received a canned response from the Infoseek corporation. I'm NOT satisfied. I want their blood. And now I suspect that they are even MORE sinister than I had originally thought. Today, you see, I received email from a Glen L. Roberts saying that references to his site have been completely stripped out of the Infoseek Index. His pages are ugly, true, and some might take offense that he provides a one-stop "Stalker Homepage." But he has a right to be heard. And there isn't even anything obscene on his pages. Does Infoseek intend to create a nice bland index entirely free of culture jamming such as Mr. Roberts'? If so, they should tell us upfront so we might use other search services when we need to do REAL web research.

Back at my house, I watched a public teevee show about the life, times, and many girlfriends of Man Ray, the American Photographer/Surrealist. Seeing this I was reminded that I haven't done any painting in a rather long time.

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