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April 24, 1997, Thursday

Evidence that yes, I use these musings to communicate with friends: Hey Amy who works at Tokyo Rose -- I can't reach you via email for some reason. But come visit me at the Downtown Artspace and Gallery Neo on Friday at 6 or 7 pm.


here was a weird assortment of folks hanging out on my porch after I got up at around 5pm. In addition to Monster Boy and Cecelia the Brazilian Girl (who have been using the porch as a studio for oil painting of late), there was 24 year old Eddie the Ness and his very pregnant 16 year old girlfriend as well as a plump big-haired guy with a history of mental problems (no, not Dan Reitman).

I left them behind and rode my bike to the Downtown Mall. After attending to some brief business with Lydia at Gallery Neo, I went to the Downtown Artspace and chatted with Jenfariello. Jen is a shrewd businesswoman. She rents the gallery to a bad-haired karate expert so he can teach middle-aged housewives self defense techniques. The bad-haired karate expert has a very peculiar speech impediment that causes some of his vowels to sound with harsh hissing asperations, possibly the result of an epiglottal anomaly. To hear him talk gave me a funny feeling in my throat. In addition to this psychological discomfort came the physical one of an impending head cold. It had been erecting Berlin Walls in my sinuses since last night's shift.

I showed them some things on the Web (including my "Nike Implicated" web page) that made Makos giddy with enthusiasm.

t the Mudhouse, I drank a massive cup of coffee (a grande). As I surfed the Web, Lydia came in with Christopher Makos, the world famous photographer. I showed them some things on the Web (including my "Nike Implicated" web page) that made Makos giddy with enthusiasm. He's is nearly as fascinated by the Heaven's Gate cult and the Nike connection as I am. The saga is very "Pop Art," after all. There seemed to be a peculiar meeting of minds between us. Maybe that was just an artifact of the power of the legendary Mudhouse coffee.


ut on the Mall I joined an unexpected contingent consisting of housemates Steve and John along with Steve's girlfriend Shelly and friend-of-the-Dynashack Madeline. We went to various places like Higher Grounds and Baskin-Robbins for treats, coffee, icecream and sandwiches. The girls left and we boys went to Gallery Neo for yet another unadvertised Makos reception. I had a few glasses of wine while Steve and John helped Lydia put sticky lettering on the wall. The lettering read "Christopher Makos" and Andy Warhol's description of Makos, "the most modern photographer in the world." Meanwhile Makos was bouncing around energetically and making suggestions like a happy little boy. In other things,

the silly
but witty
little Asian girl
named Allie
was there playing
with a beautiful
black dog named Julia.

Julia was forever underfoot chasing sticks and drinking out of the trough-like indoor goldfish pool under Makos' surreal "large eyes on blue background" silkscreen.

They were sitting around watching some of Monster Boy's extremely violent pornographic videotapes.
I was bored and rode my bike back to the Dynashack, where I found Monster Boy, Matthew Hart and his on-again-off-again-girlfriend-now-wife Leah. They were sitting around watching some of Monster Boy's extremely violent pornographic videotapes. My sinuses hurt so bad that I applied a hot water compress to the bridge of my nose. The water was so hot I suffered first degree burns.


oday was Deidre's birthday. I'd already mentioned in the musings that she is a Taurus. There was a party for her at her place, which she shares with Catherine deGood, Diohjee, Aaron (known in the days of Big Fun as Bad Bumpersticker) and others. I intended to go to the party, and since Catherine had told me to "bring all my friends" and since the beer was likely to be good, I didn't see any obstacles in my way. I would have to work at Comet at 1am, so I wanted to have control over when I left. This meant that I drove my Dodge Dart. Elizabeth rode with me and my the boots & spikes contingent so as to provide navigation.

What can I say, it was a party: familiar faces, good beer, bad music, small talk, even an obligatory game of asshole. Deidre couldn't really participate because she had to work on a paper.

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