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We found Johnny Boom Boom, Kevin and Morgan at Johnny's house; he'd been driving around looking for us. They all proceeded to gossip about the old girlfriend, Elanor, of one of Sara Poiron's two concurrent boyfriends, a guy named Joel (the other boyfriend is Dennis of Two Point Five Children). Following this? Well anyway, Elanor is super jealous because of the ascendance of Sara Poiron in Joel's life, and she writes nasty letters to Joel on the subject saying things like, "It wasn't enough for you to break my heart, you had to tear it into little pieces" and "I'm sorry I wasn't masochistic enough to hear you in bed with [Sara]." Elanor has been on a real sex spree of sorts lately, according to the gossip bantered around. Johnny admitted to having sex with her, for example. And Dennis of Two Point Five Children has had sex with her too. I'm stating all this to get across a different truth, really. I had a sense from all this that Sara was relishing the fact that she has two boyfriends and that she was making life a living hell for one of the former girldfriends. Aside from being aware of this, I was really rather bored. I slept in the back of Peggy's car while the others (except Peggy) went around behind Johnny Boom Boom's house to continue their slander and gossip.