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Musings Topical Index

Bowling in the land of mullets.

A Dominatrix explains what she does at work.

Elly Jordaan's site receives some unsolicited criticism.

Emoticons: the bad, the worse and the imaginary.

Fishing in God's country.

A Frat-boy conversion device is demonstrated.

Go-cart riding in Staunton.

Hysteria online.

Joe Christ's penis stump is examined by a friend.

Mad cow disease as a threat to humanity.

Mercury is discovered by ignorant Arkansan teenagers and an environmental crisis results.

A New Age ritual near Churchville, Virginia.

pursued by two angry teenage girls at a party.

A road trip through Columbia, Maryland and inner-Philadelphia with a poorly-functioning Dodge Dart.

Ramathon: Big Fun personalities hold a ramen-eating contest on East Market Street in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Rednecks: are brought to Kappa Mutha Fucka to hang out with us.

A Sixteen Year Old Girl convinces her daddy to fly her up from South Carolina for the day to visit me.

Skinheads & Toughguys: what they mean to me.

Tussin & Dextromethorphan: fun with over the counter medications.