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January 8 1998, Thursday


nother day after a night with the window thrown open wide. Like many things in my life, it feels good even if it's evidence of some troubling malaise.

My Acerscan 610 Plus came in the mail today. It's smaller, faster, leaner and meaner than the flaky clunker from the Circuit City scratch & dent department that I had been using. And it even works with my SCSI card (though that came only after lots of restarts, frustrations and time spent wallowing in "SAFE MODE").


hey came again: Jesse, Cecelia the Brazilian Girl, Kiki (aka "Bad Sex"), Morgan Anarchy, and a scary-looking long-haired guy named Jason. It was to be Morgan's last evening in Charlottesville; tonight, after many delays, he'd be boarding the train for a long ride to... ah, who cares? I spent even less time hanging out with them tonight than I did last night. I had important digital electronic issues to deal with, and it seemed that Deya and Matthew Hart were being sufficiently entertaining for the guests.

But then things started getting crazy downstairs. The Peggy - Zach and Baboose arrived, along with Ray's doe-eyed girlfriend, followed by Ray, and then, get this, Persad (Theresa's old redneck-goth boyfriend, the guy who has done such things as stab the Huffanator and - in a jealous rage - the tires of Jesse's bike). For the latter offense, Persad is permanently banned (in our typical half-assed manner) from the house. But he was out on the street with a scruffy old Japanese pickup truck, calmly chatting with Kiki. I found that odd, since I know Persad hates Kiki with a passion for his having had sex with Theresa. He hates Jesse for the same reason. He ought to hate Matthew Hart, Zachary, Raphæl and perhaps Ray as well.


ut then it happened. Persad and Kiki were fighting. Bottles full of malt liquor were smashed and bodies flailed. There wasn't much punching, just grabbing and pulling and shoving and falling down. Kiki was giggling like a mad man the whole time, like he did during a similar altercation with Jessika sixteen months ago. I had no real favourite; I don't particularly like either person and was mostly happy they were having their fight outside.

Ray jumped in to break it up, but Kiki would not let go of Persad's long hair. Ray begged and demanded that he "fucking let go" but he held on like a bulldog. More like a bulldog, Kiki clenched down his teeth on the nape of Ray's neck. Ray punched him and somehow wriggled free, but he lost a hunk of his neck in the process, Tyson-Holyfield stylee.

Once the two combatants had been separated, they kept trying to get together again for even more violence. Persad had a huge knife out, and people were avoiding him as much as possible, but not Kiki. The presence of the knife didn't seem to affect his insane gravity at all. It was amazing and disturbing.

Eventually Persad raced off in his truck at high speed, and Kiki left with whoever had brought him. We looked around in the house for some disinfectant for the hole in Ray's neck, but all we had was 80 proof alcohol. He headed off to the hospital for sterilization, stitches, rabies shots and hepatitis vaccines (or whatever you need when someone bites you like a mad dog).

Somewhere in the midst of this, Morgan and most of the others set off for the train station, and things calmed down considerably.


hira the Dog seems to be incorrigible regarding house training. Piles of poo and puddles of pee keep turning up, and I'm growing increasingly irritated with the situation. As expected, Matthew and Angela don't have the resolve to force Shira to change her behaviour. Furthermore, they don't invest (and probably don't have) the necessary time to exercise the dog like she would like. Shira's a Siberian Husky; she won't be happy until she can pull sleds all day it seems.

In other things, the musings are completely caught up to this date. They were uncensored for a time, but I've gone back and nuked some things that could get me in trouble. Those of you who keep up, of course, get it all.

  • January 2nd: after a road trip to Philadelphia, we break up into two factions: the drinkers and the junkies, and we don't hang out together until the road trip back home.

  • January 3rd: Shira's memorial service turns out to be a false rumour, but we're all there. Still the drug vacation continues.

  • January 4th: I take my own drug of choice: tussin.

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