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June 1997

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Pictures at Kappa Mutha Fucka

Observatory Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

Leah at our "house warming party," June 7th.

One of Matthew Hart's dorky friends is interviewed at our "house warming party" using a vintage IBM PS/2 mouse as a "microphone." Jesse, in a gas mask, is at left. The girl in the background is Amy the goth girl (who for a time was interested in Monster Boy).

Peggy (left) and me (right) on the couch at our "house warming party."

The decorations in the Dodge Dart. The "alterna-chick" barby was outfitted by Jessika. June 8th.

Raphæl in his BMW refuses to be handed a beer from the Dart on I-64 south of Charlottesville. June 8th.

Zachary in Arab garb in the Dodge Dart.

Monster Boy (left) and Aaron the Manatee at a gas station en route to Scottsville.

Me in front of a large hollow sycamore on the shore of the James River.

Leah and I chewing grass on the shore of the James.

Wonderboy Neek and Deya.

Deya, Leah and Matthew Hart sitting on the hood of my Dodge Dart.

Leah hands me a mug of beer while Deya and Matthew Hart congregate around my Dodge Dart. The car at left is a Geo Metro and belongs to Aaron the Manatee.

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