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March 24 1998, Tuesday


eggy and the Baboose came in the afternoon, and Jessika went off with her to the Studio Art Store near Trax on Main Street. I stayed home, took a bath, and went off to UVA's Olssen Hall to update these musings.


ater in the evening, back home at Kappa Mutha Fucka, Deya, Jessika and I were hanging out together when someone drove up and dropped off Morgan Anarchy. He drank some vino with us and then Jessika convinced him to call up various places and apply for jobs being advertised in the classifieds. Since it was about 10pm, though, these had more the quality of crank calls than serious business inquiries. Morgan affected a sort of Mexican accent and rode each conversation to a ludicrous climax and then hung up. It was funny for awhile, I guess.


  spent much time today putting together a second Pentium system. I got a Pentium motherboard in the mail the yesterday. It's one of those super-modern ones with an AGP slot, but god knows where you have to go to get an AGP video card.

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